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The popularity of our company's PVD coatings for machine tools is based on our coating's ability to dramatically alter surface characteristics. PVD coatings impart tremendous hardness and corrosion resistance. One of the newest and most exciting uses of this coating technology is the application of decorative finishes to a wide variety of parts including glass and plastic. Our coatings can impart the deep luxurious color of brass, copper, platinum or gold and a lustrous thin film finish in a wide range of colors including chrome, gray, bronze, brown, purple and black, while simultaneously protecting the coated item from wear & corrosion.

We are capable of providing with various surface finishes on materials: stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr), zirconium, zinc alloy and so on.

Southern-PVD's products take possession of glorious properties as followings:

Appearance: Pure metallic film with the luxurious appearance of precious metal.

Corrosion / Oxidation: Will not fade, tarnish, crack or peel under normal conditions.

Economical: Reduces or eliminates the time & expense of cleaning and polishing required with brass or gold plating. Typical maintenance requires only window cleaner and a soft cloth!

Environmentally Correct: Avoids the use of toxic chemicals and VOC emissions.

Perfect for a wide variety of products: Bathroom fixtures, door hardware, office furniture, sports & recreational products, kitchen & hospitality equipment, appliances, and so much more.

Vandal Resistant: Damage from markers, paint, etc. is easily removed.

Versatile: Use indoors or outdoors, as a primary surface, or surface accent.


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